Unconventional Lighting

So, you create a ceiling on your back porch out of vintage doors.  What the heck do you do for a lighting fixture?  Thankfully I married a man who knows his way around an electrical box.

Buddy wired the entire back porch for four spotlights, two fans and a light fixer prior to the doors going up.  He then added the new light switch plate inside the sliding doors of the kitchen complete with a dimmer for the new amazing light fixture.  A fixture that at the time consisted of exposed wires hanging out of the ceiling of our back porch with nothing attached.  Gorgeous!

So, off we were on the hunt for a light fixture.  On Mother’s Day, we packed up as a family and went to a local flea market/antique fair.  A trip we do annually, but this year we were on a mission – we need a light! A light that looks good and could take the harsh winter wind that hits the back of the house.  The kids were really into it and were finding all sorts of weird objects and pieces to turn into a light.  At least they were in my same mind-set.  Buddy on the other hand was actually looking for a LIGHT fixture.  What was he thinking?  I installed doors as my ceiling, why in the world would I install an actual light fixture as my light???

Needless to say…I found what I was looking for to his distaste!  That’s right!  It is a vintage, three burner stove complete with a John Deere Green Paint job!  Wahoo!  And, I talked the guy down to just $30.  What a steal!  The piece was just screaming “TURN ME INTO A LIGHT!”.  Although Buddy could not hear it.


I took the piece home and removed the worn out piece of flimsy metal at the base of the piece and had my dad replace it with a piece of wood.  He also surprised me  by cleaning the porcelain knobs!  What a nice guy!!  Next order of business was a new paint job with Black Rustoleum Gloss spray paint.  That shined it right up!   Buddy then wired up the three burners with three sockets and added three Edison Bulbs and voila!  A light fixture!!!!

Melyssa's phone 003 Melyssa's phone 002 Melyssa's phone 001

The piece turned out amazing!  Buddy had to do a little work to attach it to the ceiling to ensure it would withstand the elements but all in all it was a great addition to the back porch.  Check it out!Melyssa's phone 022