A little about us…

Hello World!  My name is Melyssa and I live on a farm outside of Pittsburgh PA with my husband Brian, son Brayden and daughter Emersyn.

I am a high school art teacher, which is the most amazing job ever!  I find inspiration just being in the presence of my students.  Alongside my day job, my passion is digging deep into my creativity, pushing my imagination beyond the norm and to ultimately create a look on my husband’s face that says “Honey, you truly are nuts”.  Usually if he is beyond confused, I feel I am moving in the right direction. I love to decorate, recreate and to transform materials into something they were not intended for and sitting back and smiling about it.  If this can all be accomplished with as little money as possible, that is even better!  Who wants to spend money?  Not me!  And when it comes down to it, there is a deep satisfaction in telling people an amazing piece of finished furniture started its journey with you in a dumpster!

I love my family.  Period. They are my life.  But when I think of the word “passion” I am nudged into an entirely different direction. I am pushed down a road that gives me the possibility of creating.  The possibility of using my imagination and coloring outside the lines. Way outside them.

I always tell my students to think outside the box and they tell me that I don’t even see the box any more.  Well the view out here is pretty good.  Who wants to join me?

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