Stepping back in time with a new floor…

So, what do you do when you get a new dog and your dog digs a hole through the bottom of her crate, through the carpet and exposes the subfloor?  You rip out the carpet and start looking at options for a new floor covering…Stay tuned for my office floor project under my “Projects” to see how we utilized 1940’s newspapers to create an interesting and one of a kind floor!  Can’t wait to show you!!! Melyssa's phone pictures 036

Spring is in the air!!!

I can hear the birds chirping, I can feel the warm breezes starting to blow, I can see buds starting to form on the trees….spring is right around the corner!  That means that the windows will be open and I will be itching to get outside and to dig in the dirt!  I love spring.  I love to dream about porch sits and late nights around a camp fire.  I love the smells of a crackling fire and the sounds of planting season around the farm.  I can’t wait to be inspired with new projects and new craziness!  Who is excited?

A little teaser…

2016 is coming and there is no way to stop it!  With the new year on its way, I reflect on the many projects of 2015 and am looking forward to the fun new ones to come!    I just had to throw a little teaser your way…Check out the picture of these steps.  I had a similar set that ended up in my kitchen, surrounded by food, love and conversation….stop by my Furniture Rehab page to see what road my steps traveled down!   God Bless you and your family and may faith and hope ride your shoulders into 2016.  Melyssa's phone 170

Found these steps in Deep Creek MD at an antique store and just had to snap a pic. They resembled the steps that I had used for a project. I never took a picture of the steps before hand...duh! This set of steps will give you an idea of what I was working with though...

Found these steps in Deep Creek MD at an antique store and just had to snap a pic. They resembled the steps that I had used for a project. I never took a picture of the steps before hand…duh! This set of steps will give you an idea of what I was working with though…

A time for reflection

As the cooler weather sets in, I find myself reflecting on many of the projects we have completed in the last year.  Each project led me into a new direction that ultimately gave me the inspiration for the next project.  Check out my latest post under “Before and After” about the search for my back porch light fixture.  It was a fun one!  Needless to say, my hubby really loves me!



New Season, New Projects

256As I sit at my computer, I look outside and am inspired by the colors of the leaves on the sugar maple in my front yard.  As the wind lightly blows, the leaves ripple and spin, showing off their beautiful individuality. This inspires me. Fall inspires me.  I love the colors, the smells, the clean, crisp air.  I love to cuddle in a sweatshirt around a bonfire, I love to feel the cool air through my open window at night, I love to pack my flipflops away and pull out my jeans and boots.  I also long for the routine that fall brings with it.  I have always said that September 1 is my January 1.  I make my lists and “resolutions” when fall hits because my routine of teaching and the kids returning to school puts me back on track.   Fall is my time to organize my house, my business, my life.  Or so I think.

That being said, the organization of fall gives me the opportunity to share with you some of the projects my hubby and I completed over the summer.  We hosted our family reunion in July so that put a fire under our butts to get lots of projects completed. I wanted to start off with my favorite project…my kitchen backsplash.   The backsplash story began in the woods at the property across the street and was two years in the making.  Quite the unlikely place to begin a backsplash story, I know, but the journey took many twists and turns and ultimately had an amazing ending that my entire family was involved in!  I have posted a few pictures within this post, however, the entire project story is under the “Projects” tab.  Hope you enjoy!


From a distance, the backsplash captures simple colors and patterns that simply add some texture to the walls of the kitchen.


But, up close, each hand made tile showcases a glimpse into our family’s heritage including birth certificates, love letters and WWII discharge papers. I simply wanted to bring into the space a little family history….and some good reading while you are doing dishes.






Summer is coming to a close…

I can not believe we are into August already and thinking about back-to-school shopping!  Ugh!  That being said, I am sad to see summer go but am looking forward to getting into a schedule again and getting organized.  That also means that I will finally be able to update you all on all the projects Buddy and I have finished and all the projects I am currently trying to convince Buddy to do!  Can’t wait to catch you all up and get all the pictures posted!


Work in Progress

Check this out under the "Projects" tab!

Check this out under the “Projects” tab!

Hello everyone!  Thanks again for visiting my page!  I am learning as I go so please be patient with me as I build and add to this page!  I am working on getting a “subscribe” button so you can be alerted when I update.  In the meantime, check back often.  Make sure to stop into the “Projects” tab to see my most recent Door Ceiling project.  Enjoy!

Let the journey begin…

178Hi, I am Melyssa!   Join me as I share my own favorite DIY project successes (and failures).  My hope is that you can use some of the ideas, tips and tricks posted here to help create your own successes no matter what your budget is or how much space you have.  Along the way you will meet and see my wonderful husband Brian (a.k.a. Buddy).  Truthfully, I am not sure how he puts up with me, but I would not be able to accomplish anything I do without him.  Thanks for taking part in our craziness and so glad you found us!